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Why Choose Dr Harris?

Dr Martin Harris Circumcision London

10 Reasons Why Choose Dr Harris for Your naby Circumcision

  • Determine what kind of doctor you need: Dr Harris is kind treating with courtesy, helpfulness and respect. Ask lots of questions and assess how Dr Harris responds to your concerns. Dr Harris will listen to you, answer your questions thoroughly and make you feel comfortable.
  • Dr Harris will explain the procedure, signed consent and aftercare instruction.
  • Recommendation to Dr Harris from hospital and local doctors.
  • Recommendation to Dr Harris from family, friends work based on their own personal experience with Dr Harris.
  • Recommendation to Dr Harris for his research with department of Haemostasis.
  • Dr Harris has the necessary skills and experience both to perform the operation and use appropriate measures, including anaesthesia, to minimise pain and discomfort.
  • Safe and Reliable Surgical Care, NO PLASTIBELL OR RING.
  • 24/7 Aftercare and support
  • Dr Harris is board certified Medical Doctor and Honorary Contract with the Department of Urology at Children’s Hospital London.
  • Dr Harris is fully certified registered member of the the Initiation Society for Jewish Religious circumcision Bris Milah (Brit Mila).
Dr Martin Harris


Meet Dr Harris

Reviews And Testimonials

At Circumcision London, Dr Harris prides himself on providing a premium service to all of his patients. Take a look below at what his patients have been saying.

As someone who didn’t know where to turn, all I knew was I needed a Moel… My son was in excellent hands with Dr Harris. Very accommodating, my wife and I were able to be there every step of the way, explanations throughout and very clear instructions with excellent after care service. My son has been very well looked after and I’m incredibly appreciative. Thank you Dr Harris!

Roy Basis Avatar Roy Basis
March 3, 2024

Dr Martin did an outstanding job on our son’s circumcision. We were looking for a mohel with medical expertise, who could combine the religious aspects of the ceremony with understanding of the physical health of the baby before, during and after the procedure. In Dr Martin we found a highly attentive and reassuring professional, who walked us through the process in a clear and organised fashion. He spoke with us multiple times in the lead up to the procedure and provided excellent after care, ensuring all was healing as expected.

Emily M. Avatar Emily M.
February 18, 2024

Very professional, timely, caring and responsive service. Dr Harris gives you all the instruction required and is there with you, if needed, to walk through any questions /concerns.

Ilya Lipsman Avatar Ilya Lipsman
February 10, 2024




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