Why Doctor Harris?

10 Reasons Why Choose Dr Harris for Your Baby Circumcision 

  1. Determine what kind of doctor you need:  Dr Harris is kind treating with courtesy, helpfulness and respect. Ask lots of questions and assess how Dr Harris responds to your concerns. Dr Harris will listen to you, answer your questions thoroughly and make you feel comfortable.
  2. Dr Harris will explain the procedure, signed consent and aftercare instruction.
  3. Recommendation to Dr Harris from hospital and local doctors.
  4. Recommendation to Dr Harris from family, friends work based on their own personal experience with Dr Harris.
  5. Recommendation to Dr Harris for his research with department of Haemostasis.
  6. Dr Harris has the necessary skills and experience both to perform the operation and use appropriate measures, including anaesthesia, to minimise pain and discomfort.
  7. Safe and Reliable Surgical Care, NO PLASTIBELL OR RING.
  8. 24/7 Aftercare and support
  9. Dr Harris is board certified Medical Doctor and Honorary Consultant at Children’s Hospital London.
  10. Dr Harris is fully certified registered member of the the Initiation Society for Jewish Religious circumcision Bris Milah (Brit Mila).

IN SUMMARY: Dr Harris is an experienced specialist in newborn baby circumcision requested for family, social, cultural and religious reasons, performed with competence, expertise and personalised care.

There are many BENEFITS for choosing family doctor Dr Harris to carry out the circumcision procedure for your newborn. With over 35 years experience of carrying out circumcisions, Dr Harris provides a first class circumcision service, ensuring that both the parents and the baby have the best possible experience.

Arranging your newborn babies circumcision here in London, without using the ring or plastibell, can often prove challenging. Doctor Harris is an expert who can offer you this service to be performed in the comfort of your own home.

Leading Specialist in Newborn Circumcision

Dr Harris

Circumcision London

Doctor Martin Harris

Highly Reccommended And Experienced Doctor Having Carried Out Many Successful Circumcisions for Newborns.

Under Local Anaesthetic

Dr Harris Uses The Appropriate Measures To Minimise Pain And Discomfort.

Affordable Fees

Newborn Circumcision Costs Just £395.00 (Home Visits Extra) – Call To Book An Appointment Now!

– Testimonial 1

My husband and I found Dr. Harris after speaking with many other clinics and hospitals that were only offering a certain circumcision method we were not familiar or comfortable with using for our newborn son. After speaking with Dr. Harris on the phone, we took our three week old son to see him and perform his circumcision. He was kind, professional, and very confident…all characteristics that eased our minds! It has now been nearly three weeks and our son has healed nicely! We could not be happier with the services Dr. Harris provided for our family.

– Testimonial 2

As foreigners living in the UK, as soon as knew we were having a boy, we knew that we wanted to have him circumcised. In the USA it is a common procedure – but we discovered that here in the UK it is not routine by any means.

Not only that, we encountered a lot of negative information on the Internet related to circumcision. One of the reasons for leaving this review is to be of assistance to other parents who want to have their son circumcised.

Early on in the pregnancy we started to look for someone competent and trustworthy to perform the circumcision. We also knew that we wanted the circumcision done with traditional methods, and not via Plastibell or something of that nature.

Our quest of many months started, researching forums and the internet, but we kept returning to Dr. Harris’ web page – it is the most informative website that we found. Not only that, Dr. Harris has received many positive reviews from satisfied parents, and he has an impressive medical CV. He is also a mohel, which means he performs circumcisions on a regular basis.

We contacted Dr. Harris well in advance, and he was very helpful – and advised to contact him again after our son was born – which we did, a day or two after the fact to schedule the procedure.

On the day, prior to the procedure, Dr. Harris went over very thoroughly what he would be doing, and was very clear about the procedure and what to expect afterwards. He encouraged us to be present during the circumcision itself, and explained every step. I was very impressed with Dr. Harris’ manner; he is very clear, precise, patient and thorough. At no point were we ever hurried, rushed or pressured, and all of our questions were answered.

Dr. Harris also maintains frequent contact after the procedure and during the healing process. He is available at any time, and gives you that piece of mind that your child is in safe hands.

After the procedure Dr. Harris was in constant telephone contact with us, ensuring that our son was healing according to his expectations.

The following day he changed our son’s dressing, and gave us clear instructions how to care for him until the circumcision is fully healed.

If you are in the UK and are thinking to have your son circumcised, I would recommend contacting Dr. Harris. He is skilled, knowledgeable and experienced – and on top of that a caring doctor.

– Testimonial 3

Good experience all round. I actually stayed in and watched the entire process and was certainly not traumatised by it. It made me feel more at ease that it wasnt done behind closed doors.

Dr Harris took after care very seriously and gave clear instructions on this.

Very pleased with the entire process.

– Testimonial 4

Circumcision was very important to us when our first baby boy arrived four years ago. We come from Mexico and USA where it is routinely done. Here we experienced difficulty finding the right person when the baby was born in Banbury Oxford but the hospital do not do circumcision.We contacted the synagogue who recommended Dr Harris, and then we looked at his website. We were so happy, that we have just had our second boy circumcised by Dr Harris. We were prepared to travel to London since we trust Dr Harris for experience, who we recommend.

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