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Guide 4 : Aftercare Followup



After the change in the circumcision dressings (the day after the circumcision procedure), Dr Harris will give written to Parents aftercare notes. Dr Harris advises reading these notes very carefully.


After the removal of the dressings, the normal appearance is that of a wound operation and is normal to be red, raw and swollen.


Many practitioners will leave the wound area open and uncovered for healing; however Dr Harris will ensure wound is dry and then place a loose dressing gauze swab cover around.


The healing cut surface will have a yellow colour from the powder.


The next bath date will be in the written instructions for a clean dry wound surface; then Dr Harris will advise bath dates over the next week and how to care for the wound. 


Dr Harris will advise a dollop of vaseline on the tip with each nappy change for the first three months.


Dr Harris will advise what to expect-if you concerned at any time, then phone Dr Harris.







Frequently Asked Questions

Will Dr Harris advise me about the aftercare followup of my baby after the circumcision procedure?

Dr Harris will advise you about continued aftercare followup for your baby following the circumcision procedure.


How will I give my consent?

Your consent for the operation of circumcision process is written consent with both parents signing the consent form giving Dr Harris permission for your baby to undergo circumcision procedure.


When will I be asked to give consent to circumcision procedure?

Dr Harris we will ask both parents to give permission by both parents signing the  consent form.


 Who will give consent to circumcision procedure?

Your consent for the operation of circumcision process is written consent with both parents signing the consent form giving Dr Harris permission for your baby to undergo circumcision procedure.


Why do you not use stitches for baby circumcision?

The wound of a baby after traditional circumcision looks different to that of a baby after surgical circumcision with stitches. 

There are two types of wound healing and both may be seen in the wound:

  1. Primary intention: the two edges of cut skin lie adjacent to each other and heal by joining together again.
  2. Secondary intention: Area where the cut edges do not come together leaving raw exposed gaps between them. Here the raw surface exudates (a surface exudate) which will gel to form a protective layer over the wound beneath which healing takes place. This exudate will be beige in colour, thin or thick in consistency, not to be confused with pus or infection. Exudate is normal healing of this type of circumcision wound since there are no stitches. The time taken for the wound to heal completely depends on the age of the child and the size of the raw area, but initially is 3-6 WEEKS. The joining skin (“rim, ridge, tyre, band”) takes much longer. The unusual appearance amazes/concerns those doctors and nurses who have not previously seen this traditional method (no stitch) of normal wound healing (exposed raw flesh on the penile shaft, NOT pus/wound infection) around the skin margins. Please reassure anyone who has not witnessed this normal healing process.


Reviews And Testimonials

At CircumcisionLondon, Dr Harris prides himself on providing a premium service to all of his patients. Take a look below at what his patients have been saying.

Dr Harris has been calm and reassuring throughout. He is a consummate professional and his great experience and expertise is very evident. We couldn't be more pleased and relieved that he was available for our son's bris/circumcision - it is hard to believe we could have had such a positive experience with anyone else. The whole experience has been immeasurably easier for us and our son than imagined - the baby fell asleep mid-procedure (!) and has been pretty well his usual self thereafter. Thank you.

Anthony Lazarus Avatar Anthony Lazarus
May 30, 2024

Dr Martin Harris couldn't have been better. He is highly professional, extremely experienced and goes way beyond expectation in his explanations, information sheets, putting the parents at ease and explaining every step of the way. He also made numerous visits just to check that everything is healing. I couldn't recommend him more.

Rosalie Ajzensztejn Avatar Rosalie Ajzensztejn
May 30, 2024

We are very happy with our choice of Dr Harris for our son's circumcison. He is very experienced, knowledgeable, professional and supportive. We were mislead by the hospital about the procedure but thankfully we met Dr Harris who answered our questions and gave us the confidence to proceed. We are extremely happy with the results and the process, Dr Harris was constantly available for the aftercare providing advice and good humour. We highly recommend him.

Claudia Avatar Claudia
May 19, 2024


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