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Process: Preparation Guide

Dr Martin Harris Circumcision London

Guide 1: Preparation

Dr Harris will provide you with full preparatory notes for Parents. and will ask you to please read carefully all written notes.


The date and time will be set with you for the procedure .


Dr Harris will advise regarding the feeding time with relevance to the date and time of the procedure.


Dr Harris will advise you regarding preparation of the baby in advance of the date and time of the procedure. In particular regarding oil avoidance and then dressing the baby.


Dr Harris will advise you in advance regarding the Kit and contents including dressings.


Dr Harris will advise regarding full explanation with both parents signing the consent form, as with procedures and operation in medical practice.


Dr Harris will advise regarding position of furniture and household items such as spare nappy.


Please inform Dr Harris in the event of any change in the condition of the baby.


Dr Harris wishes you to be fully informed with the circumcision process and circumcision procedure, including the indications, contraindications, surgical method (NO plastibel or ring) and the potential complications.


Dr Harris follows the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children written guidance compliant with the NHS England mandate to implement the National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures (NatSSIPs). The ultimate aim of NatSSIPs is to eradicate the occurrence of the Patient Safety Never Events, which occur around invasive procedures.

The aim of this policy is to:

 Standardise the management of invasive procedures during the pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative period.

 Provide a clear definition of invasive procedures, multidisciplinary team roles and responsibilities.

 Provide the standard against which Local Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures (LocSSIPs) are developed within procedural areas and outside areas where procedures are performed.

 Ensure the monitoring and governance as a continuous cycle of improvement.

 Maintain a safe culture to promote team work, minimise avoidable complications, and prevent patient safety never events.


Dr Harris will personally administer the local anaesthetic cream topically, and the oral dose of liquid paracetamol suspension. Please do NOT give any medication to your baby for the circumcision.


Please do not hesitate to ask Dr Harris any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be Dr Harris giving me prepation advice and guidance?

Yes. Dr Harris will be giving you preparation advice and guidance. 

Does Dr Harris give local anaesthetic?

Yes. Dr Harris gives local anaesthetic as a  cream, not an injection.

Does Dr Harris use the Plastibel or ring?

No. Dr Harris does not use the plastibel or ring since he has no experience or expertise in this method.

What is the date and time for the circumcision procedure?

Your consent for the operation of circumcision process is written consent with both parents signing the consent form giving Dr Harris permission for your baby to undergo circumcision procedure.


When do I feed baby before the circumcision procedure? 

Dr Harris will advise you the time to feed your baby, relative to the time of the circumcision procedure.   

 How do I dress my baby for the circumcision procedure?

Dr Harris will advise you how to dress your baby for the   circumcision procedure.


What items do I need for the circumcison procedure?

Dr Harris will advise you what items you need prior to the circumcision procedure. 

Reviews And Testimonials

At CircumcisionLondon, Dr Harris prides himself on providing a premium service to all of his patients. Take a look below at what his patients have been saying.

Dr. Harris provided an exceptional experience during our son's circumcision. His professionalism and dedication were evident from the outset. The level of sanitation and professionalism observed in every aspect of the procedure was exemplary. Dr Harris took the time to thoroughly explain the procedure, ensuring we felt informed and reassured. Throughout, he maintained a calming presence, fostering a sense of safety. The aftercare we received was outstanding. He remained actively involved, regularly reaching out to check on our son's recovery and our well-being. His commitment to our care didn't stop at the procedure; it was a continuous, reassuring presence. We would definitely recommend Dr. Harris to any parents seeking a knowledgeable and compassionate professional for their child's circumcision.

Yaella Rose Avatar Yaella Rose
November 23, 2023

Dr Harris was brilliant with our baby boy and we were very grateful for the fantastic level of after care. The day after the procedure he came to our home to check on the baby and throughout the process post op he called several times to check in on our little boy's wellbeing. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Harris as an expert in his field and for the amazing care he provided our family.

Natasha Teschmacher Avatar Natasha Teschmacher
November 9, 2023

Dr Harris helped us with the bris for our son. We live outside London and he kindly offered to come to us twice, first for the procedure and the following day to give us more support. As others have shared, we appreciate the focus Dr Harris places on aftercare, calling regularly to listen to our observations and recommending best practices for smooth recovery. It is important to highlight that you not only get the services of a Mohel, but also the expertise of an experienced Doctor. As a total package, we feel blessed to have Dr Harris' involvement from the beginning and will be happy to recommend his services. Thank you Dr Harris. Regards, Dennis & Maddie

Shy_Kids_Get_No_Sweets Avatar Shy_Kids_Get_No_Sweets
October 2, 2023


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