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Welcome to Circumcision London, offering you a professional circumcision service for  newborn baby boy circumcision, based in Golders Green North West London, carried out in and around the London area (and throughout the UK). Circumcision practitioner Doctor Martin Harris, he has carried out countless circumcisions for newborn babies.

Circumcisions are carefully carried out under local anaesthetic. Dr Harris has the necessary skills and experience both to perform the operation and use appropriate measures, including anaesthesia, to minimise pain and discomfort.

Doctor Harris also ensures that comprehensive aftercare is followed thereafter so that all newborns (and parents) know exactly what to do to to offer a premium London circumcision service, making the healing process as comfortable as possible.

London Baby Circumcision Specialist : Dr Martin Harris


Circumcision London

Doctor Martin Harris

Highly Recommended And Experienced Doctor Having Carried Out Many Baby Circumcisions for Newborns.

Under Local Anaesthetic

Dr Harris Uses The Appropriate Measures To Minimise Pain And Discomfort.

Affordable Fees

Baby circumcision London costs Just £395.00 (Home Visits Extra) Call To Book An Appointment Now!

– Testimonial 1

We always knew that if we had a baby boy we would want him to be circumcised. When our son was born, unsure where to go for this procedure, we contacted a trusted local private hospital who has recommended Dr. Harris.

From first point of contact, Dr Harris made us feel comfortable. He is very informative and has a very caring and considerate approach to his patients and that was so important to us.

It has been only a few days but so far we very happy with how everything went and the work that he has done. Dr Harris has also given us great aftercare and support.

Would absolutely recommend him as a great doctor.

Anna S

– Testimonial 2

We first met Dr Harris in connection with our son’s circumcision as recommended Dr Mary. Dr Harris is such a humble person and he did an exception job for my son that time. Everything went very well and no complication whatsoever. I remember, after the operation, he used to call us every day to make sure our son was alright.

Then again, we came to see him for our third son’s circumcision matter and he did another exceptional job for him this time too. My son recovered in less than two days time. Everything went very well and we strongly recommend Dr Harris to anybody who is planning to circumcise their male kids.

Mohamed Illyas

– Testimonial 3

We wanted our son to be circumcised like me, so found Dr Harris on line. I liked what I read about him being an experienced professional, performing this procedure regularly. We spoke on the phone and we got a good vibe.

I found Dr Harris did everything “that was on the tin”. We particularly liked the aftercare regular checkup calls, and able to be seen at any time. Baby is healing well.


– Testimonial 4

Before the arrival of our son, my wife and I did a lot of research with regards to circumcision in and around London to find a clinic and a Doctor to perform the circumcision.

Circumcision for us is not for religious purposes, it is a matter of choice and preference for both to my wife and I. However, we never asked the opinion of others because most were either negative about it or completely advising us against it.

My wife’s good friend recommended us Dr Martin Harris because few years back she had taken her son to Dr Harris to circumcise him.

I contacted Dr Harris before the birth of my son who was very helpful in answering all our questions, comforting us, and guiding us what to do step by step.

On the day of the circumcision, the preparation and the operation went very smooth with Dr Harris. The result was better than what we expected and Dr Harris was always available everyday to answer all our questions and ease our concerns.

After the operations, the wound healed very well and both my wife and i are very happy. We highly recommend Dr Harris and if you have any concerns just call him or pay him a visit.


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