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Families seeking circumcision often consult about common general practice and specialist foreskin problems. There are several other blogs about foreskin problems, so have written this blog about different foreskin problems (covering skin of the penile tip).

PHIMOSIS  is where the foreskin is tight , where the foreskin cannot be retracted (pulled back to see the coronal head of the penis). This is normal in boys under a certain age.

PARAPHIMOSIS  where the foreskin has retracted but is stuck and then trapped, so this may reduce and restrict the blood flow to the head of the penis.


HYPOSPADIAS is  where the position of the hole (meatus) through which urine passes is not at the end of the penis, and the foreskin may be adherent together towards the dorsal side (back) of the penis rather than the (ventral) front side.


BALANITIS is an inflammation of the penile tip. The causes include chemical irritation, bacterial or fungal infection.


THRUSH (Yeast infection)  has the appearance including red patches near the head of the penis or on the foreskin


FORDYCE’S SPOTS are very common and harmless. Small pimples  red or white just beneath the skin. No treatment necessary, leave alone.