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Oct 25, 2017


Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Circumcision London?

Circumcision for surgical, social, cultural and traditional reasons


There are many benefits for choosing Circumcision London to carry out the procedure for your baby :


  • Necessary skills and experience to perform the operation
  • Medical doctor
  • Registered Mohel on the list of registered Mohelim with the Initiation Society
  • All aspects of procedure discussed with signed consent
  • Local anaesthetic cream to minimise pain and discomfort.
  • Sterile procedure.
  • Aftercare and 24/7 postoperative care
  • Follow up appointment next day
  • Affordable Set price
  • Home visiting service extra
  • Clinical audit
  • Annual review

“A trustworthy professional service-you can be confident with for your newborn baby”