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Jun 5, 2010


About Dr Harris

Dr Harris : Professional Baby circumcision


Highly experienced doctor performing professional newborn baby circumcision servicesDr Martin Harris is a highly experienced family doctor who can perform professional newborn baby circumcision services delivered in the Golders Green area, North West London.

Dr Harris does not use the Plastibell or ring.

 Professional Service

Dr Harris has the necessary skills and experience both to perform the operation and use appropriate measures, including anaesthesia, to minimise pain and discomfort.

If you wish to speak to Dr Harris then please contact 020 8209 2401

CircumcisHighly experienced doctor performing professional newborn baby circumcision servicesion London is aimed at patients and doctors in order to provide information about the Circumcision Clinic in London which is headed up by Dr Harris himself.

This website is designed to help you make the most informed decision possible when you have decided and wish to perform  circumcision.

It explains what is circumcised, where to get circumcised and circumcisions. The site also contains links to general health information in pregnancy, and for Mother & Baby.

We hope that you find this information both reassuring and helpful, if you require further information then please feel free to contact Dr Harris direct on 020 8209 2401.


Temple Fortune Health Centre
23 Temple Fortune Lane
London NW11 7TE

Honorary Consultant
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children,
London WC1 3JH

Hospital of St John & Elizabeth,
London NW8 9NH

Consultant  Centennial Medical,
Centennial Park
Centennial Way
Hertfordshire WD6 3FG

Barnet General Hospital,
Wellhouse Lane
Barnet EN5 3DJ


BPharm (Honours),
MB BS ( London ),
LRCP ( London ) MRCS ( England )
Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine

Other Qualifications

Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours Degree
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery ,
Licentiate of the Royal College of Physician s ( London )
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine