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Oct 24, 2010


Privacy Policy

TERMS OF USE & Privacy

If you do not agree with these ‘Terms of Use’, do not use this website.

If you do use this website, your conduct indicates your full acceptance of these ‘Terms of Use’ and your agreement to be bound by them.

When recording any information taken from results shown on this website the Source must be recorded as:

Source: copyright Dr Martin Harris.

 The information contained on this website is solely for the personal use of the individual. The content may not be copied, re-transmitted, re-posted, duplicated, or otherwise used, without the prior written consent of the owner.

 Any content printed or downloaded may not be sold, licensed, transferred, copied or reproduced, in whole or in part, in any manner, or in or on any media, to any person, without the prior written consent of the owner.

 The content may not be used by any commercial organisation, nor placed on a website that requires paid-for membership or pay-to-view. This also applies to members’ own websites, or family trees on such websites.



 It must be stressed that the basis for many of these entries is old records, in a variety of handwriting and often damaged paper. Where possible, it is always advisable to check entries against original records. We make no claim whatsoever as to the accuracy of the information contained on this website.


Terms Use Privacy

Terms Use Privacy Please note no data is collected on this site for use by us or anyone else.The personal information collected from the visitors of our website, including their identity, remains confidential. We respect the law(s) on confidentiality applicable to this website (hosting country) and we will never pass on these data to any third party, unless required by law. Our website does not collect any cookies.

The information provided on   is designed to support, not to replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician. The information on this site is for information purposes only, not medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.  It is not intended or understood to substitute for the medical advice of your general practitioner or any other professional advisor, whether or not a medically qualified practitioner; not responsible or liable for any diagnosis made by a user based on the content of this  website; not liable for the contents of any external internet sites listed, nor does it endorse any commercial product or service mentioned or advised on any of the sites. Always consult your own GP if you’re in any way concerned about your health . The website content may not be copied, see our “Terms of Use” Policy (above) regarding copyright

There is no external funding sources of this website, and so no influence on the editorial content of the website and no conflicts of interest. Our website does not host any form of advertisement.