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Jul 29, 2015


Initiation Society

Initiation Society

Registered Mohel Initiation Society the UK organisation for Jewish circumcision. The society was established in 1745 and is the most established Anglo-Jewish organisation.

Dr Martin Harris is a registered member of the Initiation Society for Jewish circumcision, a registered Mohel for Bris Mila (Brit Milah) performing Circumcision locally in Golders Green North West London, UK and abroad.

Based in Golders Green North London, North West London, West London circumcision London. Dr Harris has experience national UK and Channel Islands. Circumcisions in Europe (Vienna, Brussels) including Eastern Europe (Moscow, St  Petersburg, Novosibirsk Siberia), Lvov Tarnopol, Bucharest, and Kishinev (Chisinau, Moldova)

Registered Mohel Initiation Society

There are many people today who wish to continue circumcision as a personal family choice based on cultural, religious (Muslim and Jewish) and social factors. This includes many from America and Canada, Africa, South Africa,  Australia and English. Some people are aware of opposition over 3700 years and wish to continue their family tradition. Some find difficulty obtaining correct information how to proceed with their decision.