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Jun 10, 2010


Patient Testimonials

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Before the arrival of our son, my wife and I did a lot of research with regards to

circumcision in and around London to find a clinic and a Doctor to perform the circumcision.

Circumcision for us is not for religious purposes, it is a matter of choice and preference for both to my wife and I. However, we never asked the opinion of others because most were either negative about it or completely advising us against it.

My wife’s good friend recommended us Dr Martin Harris because few years back she had taken her son to Dr Harris to circumcise him. I contacted Dr Harris before the birth of my son who was very helpful in answering all our questions, comforting us, and guiding us what to do step by step.

On the day of the circumcision, the preparation and the operation went very smooth with Dr Harris. The result was better than what we expected and Dr Harris was always available everyday to answer all our questions and ease our concerns.

After the operations, the wound healed very well and both my wife and i are very happy. We highly recommend Dr Harris and if you have any concerns just call him or pay him a visit.”

– Hagop Keshishian



We wanted our son to be circumcised like me, so found Dr Harris on line. I liked what I read about him being an experienced professional, performing this procedure regularly.

We spoke on the phone and we got a good vibe. I found Dr Harris did everything “that was on the tin”. We particularly liked the aftercare regular checkup calls, and able to be seen at any time. Baby is healing well.”

– Temisan Imomeh



“We faced difficulties in finding competent care for circumcision due to both cultural resistance and a lack of facilities in the London area even with extensive research online and with our GP.  

Dr. Harris eased our worries through un-rushed and thorough explanations as well as medical expertise and comprehensive aftercare until our son was fully healed.

It really was a pleasure and this statement above truly reflects how we feel.  Jamie is much better for the circumcision and I am relieved that we found such a competent doctor. We found Dr Harris online, and we suggested adding to the website a “testimonial” heading to post our comments and feelings thereby helping other families in a similar position.

We highly recommend Dr. Harris as he provides highly professional and experienced personalised care, especially with extensive aftercare and direct availability for any questions we had. ”  

 -Tim & Betsy, London



We decided on circumcision for our newborn son, something we have always done in our family from generation to generation as a cultural thing-we did not ask around for opinion or advice because we had made up our minds, this is a decision for the Parents without outside interference.

We found Dr Harris and we came as a family to the clinic. Dad went out for a walk with our three year old girl.

As a Mother I wanted to be present in at the time of the circumcision procedure, and I was very happy to be present. It was a lovely experience for our two week old son under local anaesthetic so he hardly cried.

Dr Harris was brilliant, swift, calm and careful -this is very important and reassuring to all parents. It is nothing to be fearful about the experience. Dr Harris gave personal aftercare service at all times. Dr Harris did a great job-it was my idea to write this, reassure others and recommend him.

– Ed & Ify



“Living and working here in London, we wanted our newborn son to be circumcised. Our family in Panama continually circumcise. 

We had no idea how to find a special clinic for circumcision. When we asked at the hospital, the midwife and the GP they all did not have any information or direction for us.

We were not put off because we were determined. We found information on the internet. We phoned and then met Dr Harris who met our expectations because Dr Harris patiently gave us all the information clearly and performed a neat procedure.

Back in Panama we were used to things being arranged quickly which generally has not happened here in London .We were impressed when Dr Harris made himself available at all times.

Also all three of us (Parents & Grandma) with baby were all present throughout the procedure. Grandma observed and was impressed that everything was done in a professional way.” 




Dr Harris showed excellent clinical and human qualities in the care and attention he showed our son and ourselves. His willingness to monitor and check up on progress post-circumcision was exemplary. I recommend him most warmly and wholeheartedly to any anxious parents looking for the best for their son.

-Edith and Tim-  Brighton



“Coming from North America where circumcision is cultural and routine, it was difficult in the UK to find a circumcision practitioner.

We found the staff at the hospital, doctors and midwives when we brought up the subject of circumcision were negative and off-putting. So we were pleased to find Dr Harris for our twin boys, and pleased with the care and results.” 

-AH (Father of twin boys), North London



We were very keen to have our baby son circumcised but we were naturally anxious about the procedure.

Dr Harris answered all of our questions before the circumcision and once the procedure was over he gave us clear guidance regarding aftercare.

Furthermore Dr Harris was always contactable by phone if we had any questions at home.

We would highly recommend Dr Harris to any parent who wishes to have their son circumcised.

-Gregory & Rebecca



“We came here to study from Iran where we were a minority religion Bahai. This was at the time of the revolution, so we stayed here.

Today I witnessed my first grandchild circumcision by Dr Harris. It was quick and almost painless. I was actually amazed to watch all this. ”

-Grandmother Nahid, Finchley Central



On his eighth day on earth, my son was circumcised by Dr. Martin Harris. After the circumcision, Dr. Harris maintained a regular contact for more than a week via phone calls in order to ensure that the baby had no problems whatsoever.

The procedure followed by Dr. Harris was remarkably neat, thorough and hygienic. As I write, the baby is 100% alright. My wife and I are very grateful to ALMIGHTY GOD and may HE continually bless, protect and nourish the wisdom and strength of Dr. Martin Harris 

-Mr. U. Onovo South Bermondsey, London



“Our 8 week old son was recently circumcised by Dr Harris whom fortunately was recommended to us.

From the very first contact, Dr. Harris calmly and concisely explained exactly what the process would entail and put us at ease.

The procedure itself was carried out with great care and attention and this care and attention continued for the weeks after the procedure as he called to check on progress and ensured that we were fully comfortable and happy with our son’s progress.

Overall my wife & I were very satisfied with the result and would recommend Dr. Harris to anyone else for this procedure.”  

-Gun & Rozlin, London



We have always done male circumcision in our family. The first time round for our first son was born, we did a lot of research and decided to go with Dr Harris.

One of the main reasons was because of the extent of his expertise. We were reassured throughout the whole process, and received periodic phone calls even during the night to check up on baby’s condition.

I was really impressed with the whole care process from start to finish. I did not hesitate to have my second son administered by Dr Harris, and will speak to anyone in any doubt.

-Moses, Milton Keynes



We were told by the hospital doctor after delivery that our newborn son had a possible complication which could delay the circumcision which gave us some concern. The hospital paediatrician said she was would arrange for us to see a specialist in due course.

My wife and I were recommended to Dr Harris  in relation to my son’s circumcision. From our first meting with Dr Harris , he was extremely reassuring and knowledgeable.

After carefully examining our son, he advised us on his opinion and he had the experience to go ahead and perform the circumcision. He kindly suggested that we seek a further independent opinion from  a consultant paediatric urologist who we went to see and who confirmed Dr Harris’s original diagnosis.

The circumcision was then carried out by Dr Harris and as he predicted, there were no complications.

 My wife and I are every grateful for the excellent advice, expert attention and professional manner given by Dr Harris. 




“Dear Dr Harris
We cannot possibly express our thanks for all that you did for us after the birth of our baby.

You transformed the situation from one of darkness to light. From the first that you became involved, you moved mountains in order that the mitzvah should be performed properly in its right time. Everyone commented on how special the Bris was.

Your professionality, your unparalleled experience and your middos  hachessed expressed themselves in the clearest way and together with Hashem’s help everything fell into place perfectly.

Seeing the results of the Bris now, one would never know how complex it was to perform.

We can safely say that without your immense help, the Bris would still be waiting to be performed, with agitated parents hovering around. We are sure that you will prosper in all your future endeavours given all the unique abilities and qualities that you possess.

May Hashem bless you in all that you do and may the Malach Rephael continue to accompany you as you perform Hashem’s shlichus of being Rofeh Cholim. with heartfelt thanks.”

-Family Rose



Dear Martin
We appreciate you performing our Grandson’s Brit Milah. The Parents were particularly grateful for all the support and advice you gave them in the days that followed.
Shana Tova from us all,

-Henry Grunwald



Our son was born with hypospadias. As Orthodox Jews we were keen to have a Bris but we were told to wait until the hypospadias repair operation. For over a year Dr Harris kept in touch with us, and advised us about

the urologists and the operations involved. Dr Harris is the only Mohel who is also an honorary consultant surgeon, so our son had a proper Orthodox Bris under his one operation.

Dr Harris also came to the ward afterwards to do the naming ceremony, and at all times was caring and discreet- which is particularly important for confidentiality assured in a small community.

We would highly recommend Dr Harris for his warmth and understanding, and also because our son had a proper Bris with Dr Harris which would have been impossible otherwise.

-The Family





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“As parents to four boys, Dr Harris has been an integral part of our Jewish family life.

His calm yet confident approach to this early mile stone in our sons lives has always put us at ease at what is naturally a stressful time for any parent.

Dr Harris explains thoroughly what to expect and his he is reassuringly in regular contact after the procedure. We are incredibly grateful to Dr Harris and would have no hesitation in recommending his services. ”

-The Marks family



After it became clear that my son’s circumcision wouldn’t be straightforward, Dr Harris was recommended to me by my local mohel, who said that he was a highly skilled and experienced practitioner and a good man.  both of these turned out to be true.

Dr Harris gave us all the time we needed and was very reassuring throughout.  He was conscientious, reliable and utterly professional.  while there’s no getting away from the fact that the whole experience was rather stressful and difficult, it was wonderful to know – without doubt – that my son was in the best hands. 

I would happily recommend him to anyone. 

-OK, Brighton