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Jun 5, 2010


Naming the Baby

Naming Baby Circumcision Book

Naming Baby

Naming baby boy custom is at his circumcision. Every person is called by three names: the name the parents give naming baby, a second name by which his friends call him, and finally the name he gains and acquires for himself through his conduct in life (Midrash).

A good name is better than precious oil (Ecclesiastes 7:1).
A fine reputation-acquired with diligence and good deeds (Sforno) -is a more valuable possession than precious oil (Rashi) which was used in ancient times to preserve the body. Thus a fine reputation will preserve the memory of the the departed more effectively than precious oils will preserve his body (Alshich).
It’s fun to explore the origin and meaning of names.

The first website includes the book “Complete Dictionary of English and Hebrew First Names” by Alfred Kolatch which I use. If you wondering what name to choose before looking, then you’ll end up with a headache from a shortlist of 20,000!

There’s a lot to think about when choosing name for baby, sometimes it seems overwhelming. It is your choice so take into consideration various ancestors that you wish to name your baby after, and that they will grow with those special qualities inherited through the generations and with family continuity.




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