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Jun 5, 2010


Circumcision & Haemophilia

Circumcision & Haemophilia considered as a group of inherited blood disorders in which the blood does not clot properly. Bleeding disorders can be due to defects in the blood vessels, the coagulation mechanism, or the blood platelets. In haemophilia the body produces less clotting factor. Dr Harris has experience in dealing with circumcision and haemophilia, principally Factor XI (eleven) deficiency known as Haemophilia C, also Factor VIII (eight) deficiency known as Haemophilia A.

Circumcision London Dr HarrisFactor XI (eleven) deficiency is a bleeding disorder which is common in Jewish people. The genetic Inheritance is autosomal dominant or recessive. It affects males and females equally. Bleeding can occur after surgical operations including circumcision but there are a number of treatments which can be given to prevent bleeding

Dr Harris worked as Circumcision Surgeon and Mohel with Dr. Niamh O’Connell when she investigated aspects of factor XI deficiency and developed a protocol for the management of circumcision on the male infants of factor XI deficient patients. She was then working as a research fellow at the Haemophilia Centre and Haemostasis Unit Royal Free Hospital in London with Professor Christine Lee and Dr Ri Liesner, Consultant Haematologist & Director of the Haemophilia Centre Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children London. Dr O’Connell is now Consultant Haematologist in Ireland.


A Family with Factor XI write about the circumcision of their Son:

When our son was born we knew we wanted a GP to carry out his brit milah (jewish religious circumcision) as we both have slightly complicated blood conditions. Dr Harris was recommended to us by our consultant at the Royal Free Hospital due to his expertise in dealing with Factor XI deficiency.

From the moment we met Dr Harris we were completely at ease with his easy going, charming yet professional manner. Even though we were not patients at his surgery he was always willing to both see us and speak to us on the phone. Dr Harris helped us organise the brit and advised us where to buy the necessary bits and pieces. The actual procedure went without a hitch and we both felt very confident that our son was in excellent and safe hands. The ceremony was a very special time for us and our families and Dr. Harris not only filled us with the upmost confidence beforehand, but conducted a special and memorable ceremony. Following the circumcision Dr Harris showed excellent levels of care calling us every 4 hours to check on our son and make sure we were following the after-care guidance we had been advised on. We visited his surgery one more time for a final check up and we left feeling that we had made a fantastic decision to put our sons welfare in his care.

We are very happy to be contacted by families in similar situations (contact details available from Dr Harris) to offer advice, information or reassurance.

Jessica and Adam Overlander-Kaye