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Oct 26, 2017


Further Information For Patients

Further Information For Our Patients


baby circumcision


This Hypospadias does occur as a common occurrence and I will advise.

A Family with hypospadias  wrote to Dr Harris

Our son was born with hypospadias. As Orthodox Jews we were keen to have a Bris but we were told to wait until the hypospadias repair operation.

For over a year Dr Harris kept in touch with us, and advised us about the urologists and the operations involved. Dr Harris is the only Mohel who is also an honorary consultant surgeon, so our son had a proper Orthodox Bris under his one operation.

Dr Harris also came to the ward afterwards to do the naming ceremony, and at all times was caring and discreet- which is particularly important for confidentiality assured in a small community.

We would highly recommend Dr Harris for his warmth and understanding, and also because our son had a proper Bris with Dr Harris which would have been impossible otherwise.


Some medicines and drugs taken by a breast feeding mother can affect pass into breast milk, then affect baby. I advise with care and caution.

The fixed price is £395.00. Extra charges will occur for home visits.

Dr Harris will give you further clear advice and instructions.

Dr Harris will give clear written and verbal instructions.

The procedure is surgical, there is no ring or Plastibell involved.

I give clear written and verbal instructions.

Local anaesthetic is used as a cream (not injection).

The yellow colour of jaundice very common on the third day is very common, it’s called physiological jaundice and generally clears spontaneously by 14 days in a baby born after 40 weeks full term.

Dr Harris strictly follows hospital protocol and is therefore happy to assess to then proceed when well.

Please phone me after delivery.


Please be in contact with Dr Harris after delivery.

Please obtain all medical information and I will discuss with you and advisors.

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