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Hydronephrosis is the swelling of a kidney due to a build-up of urine. It happens when urine cannot drain out from the kidney to the bladder from a blockage or obstruction.

Hydronephrosis can occur in one or both kidneys.

Hydronephrosis can occur during the pregnancy in the womb.

Hydronephrosis can also occur in adults, this is for completely different reasons.

About one in every 300 people has one kidney affected by hydronephrosis. About one in every 600 people have both kidneys affected by hydronephrosis.

There are many causes of hydronephrosis.

Hydronephrosis may be diagnosed during the pregnancy before birth, as the enlarged kidneys can be seen on an ultrasound scan.

After birth , the baby hydronephrosis is monitored using ultrasound scans and other tests.

The management and treatment for hydronephrosis is dependent on the cause.

For those seeking circumcision of their newborn,  the hydronephrosis suspected during the pregnancy  resolves after birth and then with assessment , can proceed to circumcision.